Scare Actor Casting Aug 20


Our third casting event for Enigma Haunt!

Saturday August 20th. 1pm at 1751 N Military Trail Boca Raton FL 33486

Can't make it? Look for our additional casting events on the 24th and 27th.
Scare Actor Casting Aug 24
Scare Actor Casting Aug 27th

16+ years
If under 16 please message us!

Join an awesome family, work in a haunt house. First year staff are volunteer, second year staff are paid as an incentive. There are many awesome trips we take, events we go to and awesome parties to attend off season!

Better yet, scare, creep out, gross out, and make random people laugh, cry, scream, and pee themselves.

This is a no pressure casting call, meaning it will be FUN!


~ Do we need to come in costume?
ANSWER: It is not required! But certainly would be cool if you did!

~How much do you pay?
ANSWER: First year actors are volunteers, we like to weed out people that aren't in it for the scares, this is a family you're joining! Second year returning actors get financially compinsated.

~How many days are required to work?
ANSWER: as many or few you want! visit for our schedule.

For any other questions, message us or comment in the disccusion section.

Sign up at dates can also be found there.
  • Enigma Haunt
    1751 N. Military Tr., Boca Raton
  • Saturday Aug 20, 2016
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